05 Juni 2007


here it is! another mindblowing episode of your all-time-favorite radioshow featuring the best of that oldschool shit mingled with the hot new stuff, fresh outta the town of berlin, right to your doorstep... what do you say? let's give it a listen...

mutti - funky braindamage - a farewell to arms ... get it here!
mutti - funky braindamage - be farewell too, arms ... get it here!


a farewell to arms:
01. heroes - what is it...?
02. zion i & the grouch - noon time
03. atmosphere - lifter puller
04. sage francis - got up this morning
05. el-p - tasmanian pain coaster
06. saul williams - real niggery mixtape track one
07. belladonnakillz - sexy grrl
08. american dad - we love watching cartoons
09. the pharcyde - pack the pipe
10. erykah badu - back in the day
11. sage francis - call me francois
12. belladonnakillz - yeah hell yeah
13. saul williams - real niggery mixtape track four to six
14. malcolm in the middle - life is scary
15. leak bros - outro

be farewell too, arms:
01. intro - hidden journey
02. dj vadim feat. sarah jones - your revolution
03. sukia vs dj food - feel'n you & me
04. dj food feat. ken nordine - the ageing young rebel (gentle cruelty)
05. malcolm in the middle - hello
06. zion i - tag ur name
07. sarah winton - tell me how
08. living legends - the deepest breath
09. dutchmassive - life lines
10. avatar - metamorphosis
11. sage francis - hell of a year
12. heroes - why we fight
13. marion black - who knows

mutti (2007)

24 April 2007


und wieder einmal heißt es "save the mixtape" mit einem zweiseitigem gastmix der muttiplen persönlichkeit, welcher zu großen teilen auch aus coverversionen und songs von soundtracks zusammengeschnippselt ist... zwar auch schon etwas älter, aber wer's noch nicht kennt sollte nicht zögern mal reinzuklicken...

emperor zombies "i love you, but i've chosen darknesz" mix - a-side ... get it here!
emperor zombies "i love you, but i've chosen darknesz" mix - b-side ... get it here!


01. the big sea - funki porcini
02. theme - sage francis
03. come as you are - dani siciliano
04. unknown track - the prodigy
05. encore - dj dangermouse
06. kennedy killed the hat - buck 65
07. opfer dieses liedes - les reines prochaines
08. spread - andre 3000
09. oregano - the chicharones
10. cotton - the mountain goats
11. you know you want it - the shape shifters
12. thin line - jurassic 5 feat. nelly furtado
13. paint it black - vanessa carlton

01. feel so good - looptroop
02. born bad - juliette lewis
03. opposite of fair - the chicharones
04. prototype - andre 3000
05. mad world - gary jules
06. something wicked - the herbaliser feat. seaming to
07. the audience - herbert
08. wet!wet!wet! - princess superstar
09. good girl gone bad - the herbaliser feat. wildflower
10. komm, süsser tod - end of evangelion soundtrack
11. god (interlude) - andre 3000
12. i will wait for you - connie francis

emperor zombie aka mutti (2007)

23 April 2007

FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #5 *CoverVersionSpecial*

Finally: FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #5 is here!!! This time it´s all about Cover-Versions. 40 min. of weird, funny or just really good Cover-Songs. Some of the songs have never been released officially, so excuse the bad quality in some parts of the show.

Since I can´t get that damn direct link to work, you can listen to it in the player in the sidebar, subscribe via iTunes, or download it here as MP3-file (55 MB).


1. Pentatones - Intro
2. The Kooks - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
3. Mat Weddle - Hey Ya! (Outkast)
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hyperballad (Björk)
5. Hot Chip - Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye)
6. Temperamental - Like eating glass (Bloc Party)
7. Klaxons - My Love (Justin Timberlake)
8. Rage against the Machine - Fuck tha Police (N.W.A.)
9. Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)
10. Suburban Legends - Gummi Bears-Theme
11. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
12. Pentatones - Outro
13. Nina Gordon - Straight Outta Compton (N.W.A.)


15 Dezember 2006

FBD finally goes PODCAST!!!

As you might have noticed, a lot of changes happened during the last weeks on this blog. I´ve been trying new formats and players. And now, for the first birthday of FBD, you can finally get FBD as a podcast. You should already know what a podcast is and how it works, if not, ask google. The player, as you might have already seen, is in the sidebar on the right side. My Podcast-Page is here: http://mr_taxxxi.podomatic.com/


30 November 2006


So zum Test des neuen Players ein MIXTAPE von MUTTI aus dem Jahre 2005:



Entweder direkt hier auf dem Blog anhören (PLAY-Symbol anklicken) oder per Rechts-Klick auf den Rechner ziehen und dann auf A und B-Seite einer handelsüblichen Audio-Kassette überspielen und in einem Tapedeck anhören....

Featuring classics by:

*Sage Francis*
*Saul Williams*
*Awol One*
*Aesop Rock*
*Shape Shifters*
*and many more....*

INFO: MUTTI ist ein DJ aus Berlin der jetzt kräftig bei FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE und vor allem bei ELECTRONIC BRAINDAMAGE (coming soon....) mitmischen wird.


21 November 2006

Still up and running....

***Fixed all links 21/11/06***
(all shows available via Megaupload)

The link to the show you like to download is not working?
Holla @ your boy -> mr.taxxxi@gmail.com


20 November 2006


Mal wieder Bock auf Heavy Loungin´?

Turn up your Radio!! FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE präsentiert:


featuring smooth and relaxing tunes by:

*The Whitest Boy Alive*
*Hot Chip*
*Henrik Schwarz*
*Tiger Tunes*



19 Juni 2006


It took some time, but after coming back from India about one month ago, I finally managed to finish the fourth episode of my little show. In the meantime I´ve built a cozy new home for FBD (this blog) and uploaded FBD #1- 3 again, so you still can download them on this page.

Tracks #1 -6 of this episode are strictly by indian artists, while the rest of the show features new UK/US stuff.

1. Panjabi MC - Intro
2. Mentor Kolektiv - Party In Bombay
3. Sona Family - Glassy
4. Bohemia feat. Sin & Snoop Dogg - Favorite Spot
5. Mentor Kolektiv - Broke
6. Panjabi MC - So Underground
7. Ugly Duckling - Left Behind
8. Ohmega Watts - That Sound
9. Dilated Peoples - You Can´t Hide, You Can´t Run
10. Aceyalone & RJD2 - All For U
11. Radioinactive - Refrigerator
12. The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
13. Dudley Perkins - Dolla Bill
14. Murs & 9th Wonder - Yesterday
15. Visioneers - Ike´s Mood I
16. Roy Hargrove & The RH Factor - Bullshit (feat. D'Angelo)

Do your eyes sometimes get bored while your ears are enjoying FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE Radio?!? Do you want to know more about the great artists you are listening to? For this purposes I proudly present to you, the....

Additional Links

Speed Records (Label of Panjabi MC)
Mentor Kolektiv
Sona Family (Download the "Glassy" Video here)
Ugly Duckling
Ohmega Watts
Dilated Peoples
Aceyalone (& RJD2)
The Streets
Dudley Perkins
Murs (& 9th Wonder)
Roy Hargrove

Hope you enjoy the show, if so, spread the word and the link.


27 Mai 2006

FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #3 *anticon special*


FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #3 *anticon Special*


1. DJ Signify - "Propaganda"
2. Alias - "Am I Cool Now?"
3. Telephone Jim Jesus - "Failure To Fly"
4. 13 & God - "Soft Atlas"
5. Sage Francis - "Crack Pipes (live)"
6. Sole - "Theme"
7. Passage - "Creatures In The Classroom"
8. Dosh - "Mygirlsexcar"
9. DoseOne - "By Horoscope Light 1&2"
10. Alias & Ehren - "Lilian" (Alias Interview Pt.1)
11. Alias & Ehren - "Moonfuzz"
12. Alias "Unseen Sights"
13. Themselves - "Only Child Explosion (Alias Remix)"
14. Alias - "Eyes Closed" (Alias Interview Pt.2)
15. The Bomarr Monk - "The Return Of Mental Illness"
16. Pedestrian - "The Toss And Turn"
17. Deep Puddle Dynamics - "Rainmen"
18. DJ Mayonnaise - "Diggin´ In Moodswing´s Crates"
19. Odd Nosdam - "Untitled One"
20. why? - "Women Eye, "No."
21. why? - "Whispers Into The Other"
22. Jel - "Nice Last"


FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #2 *NinjaTune Special*

(nicht auf die Beschreibung hören, das File ist FBD#2)

FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #2 *NinjaTune-Special*


1. Bonobo - "Solid Steel Intro"
2. Bonobo - "Pick Up"
3. Ty feat. Eska - "Sophisticated and Coarse"
4. Drunken Imortals, New Flesh & Roots Manuva - "Uranium 235"
5. King Geedorah - "Anti Matter"
6. Spankrock - "What it looks like"
7. Roots Manuva - "Too Cold (Sa Ra Remix)"
8. Infinite Livez - "Pononee Girl"
9. Saul Williams - "Twice The First Time"
10. Beyond There - "Dadaism"
11. Amon Tobin - "Night Life"
12. Cut Chemist - "A Peek In Time"
13. TTC - "Dans Le Club"
14. Coldcut - "Everything Is Under Control"
15. Diplo feat. Sandra Melody - "Diplo Rhythm"
16. Spank Rock - "Put That Pussy On Me"
17. Lotek HiFi - "See It Coming"
18. The Herbaliser - "Close Your Eyes"
19. One Self - "Over Exposed"